Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a specialized branch of dental care that focuses on providing comprehensive oral health services for people of all ages, from children to adults. It encompasses a wide range of treatments and preventive measures to ensure the overall wellbeing of every member of your family. 

With an emphasis on holistic dentistry, family dentists not only address common dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease but also factor in the impact of oral health on the entire body. They understand that maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining overall health and strive to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs. 

Having a trusted family dentist who understands your unique needs can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health for you and your loved ones. Family Dentists ensure that everyone receives quality care while fostering positive experiences at each visit – promoting lifelong healthy habits!

The Importance of Holistic Dentistry for Families

Holistic dentistry is not just for individuals; it can also greatly benefit families. As parents, we want the best for our children, and their oral health plays a crucial role in their overall wellbeing. That's why choosing a holistic family dentist like Dr. Hatland is an excellent decision. 

  • One of the key reasons why holistic dentistry is important for families is that it factors in the unique needs of each family member. From young children to older adults, everyone in Dr Raymond Hatland dental practice receives personalized care based on their specific dental concerns and medical history. 
  • In addition to individualized care, holistic dentistry focuses on prevention rather than just treatment. This means that your family will receive guidance on proper oral hygiene practices and nutrition to maintain healthy teeth and gums. By addressing potential issues before they become major problems, you can save both time and money in the long run. 
  • Furthermore, holistic dentists prioritize using biocompatible materials in dental treatments. This ensures that any restorations or procedures are safe for your entire family's overall health. They also consider how different treatments may impact other aspects of your wellbeing. 
  • Another vital aspect of holistic family dentistry is its commitment to minimizing environmental impact by utilizing eco-friendly practices whenever possible. From digital X-rays to recycling waste products responsibly, these efforts demonstrate a dedication to creating a healthier planet for future generations. 

By choosing a holistic approach to dental care for your family, you are investing in their long-term oral health as well as their overall wellness. With Dr. Hatland as your trusted partner in maintaining healthy smiles at every stage of life, you can feel confident knowing that you're providing the best possible care for yourself and your loved ones! 

Common Treatments in Holistic Family Dentistry

  • Preventive care: One of the key aspects of holistic family dentistry is focusing on preventive care. This includes regular dental checkups and cleanings to maintain oral health and catch any issues early on.
  • Natural tooth-colored fillings: I never use mercury amalgam filling material in any of my fillings.Traditional metal amalgam fillings contain over 50% mercury and this is a toxic mineral. This is why we use composite tooth colored materials that do not have this toxic substance. Also, restorations using porcelain or noble metal are preferred. For those patients that are highly allergic there are tests that can be done to determine the allergenicity of specific dental materials, Holistic dentistry prefers tooth colored fillings made from materials like composite resin or porcelain. These fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also more biocompatible with your body.
  • Non-toxic dental materials: Holistic family dentistry emphasizes the use of non-toxic dental materials that don't contain harmful chemicals such as mercury or BPA. This ensures the overall wellbeing of patients, especially children who may be more sensitive to these substances. 
  • Orthodontic solutions: Holistic orthodontics offers alternatives to conventional braces. The very advanced technology of Fastbraces has brought traditional orthodontics into the Holistic zone. It can move teeth in a manner that mimics natural tooth eruption. This way of moving teeth distributes the force over half the root surface and therefore reduces discomfort to little or nothing. Fastbraces also reduces the amount of time down to as little as three months to under a year for more complex cases. 
    Safe mercury removal: If you have existing silver amalgam fillings containing mercury, holistic family dentists can safely remove them following strict protocols to minimize exposure during the process. 
    Nutritional counseling: Alongside dental treatments, many holistic family dentists provide nutritional counseling to educate patients about maintaining a healthy diet for optimal oral health and overall wellbeing. 


Dr. Hatland, understands the unique needs and concerns that families have when it comes to dental care. With a focus on preventive measures and natural treatments, holistic dentistry provides comprehensive oral health solutions for the entire family. By embracing the principles of holistic dentistry, families can benefit from personalized care that factors in their overall wellbeing. From routine checkups and cleanings to more complex procedures like dental implants or orthodontics, Dr. Hatland ensures that every treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs of each family member. 

Through safe and biocompatible materials, minimally invasive techniques, and a commitment to patient education, Dr. Hatland promotes not just healthy smiles but also optimal overall health for all his patients. By addressing oral health issues at an early stage and preventing future problems through proper oral hygiene practices and nutrition guidance, families can enjoy long-term dental wellness. 

Choosing a dentist who prioritizes your family's physical and emotional wellbeing is essential in maintaining good oral health throughout each stage of life. With Dr. Hatland's expertise in holistic and energetic dentistry combined with his compassionate approach towards patients of all ages, you can feel confident that your family's smiles are in good hands.

Don’t wait! Choose our holistic dentist today for all your dental needs! Experience exceptional care and enjoy a healthier smile with Dr. Raymond Hatland by your side. Visit our dental offices in Indianapolis, IN, or Lincolnwood, IL, to learn more


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