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Raymond G. Hatland, DDS

Raymond G. Hatland, DDS

Discover a Whole New World of Dental Care with Holistic Dentistry!

For decades, Dr. Raymond G. Hatland has served families in the Chicago/Lincolnwood and Indianapolis areas with holistic, gentle dental care. He uses modern, conservative procedures and focuses on securing oral balance for complete dental harmony and overall health. With a focus on you, he can make dental visits more comfortable and rewarding than you ever imagined possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hatland, contact our dental practice in Lincolnwood, IL, or Indianapolis, IN, today.

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Mini Dental Implants

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TMJ/TMD Jaw & Head Pain

TMJ/TMD Jaw & Head Pain

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Reverse Gum Disease Program Without Surgery

Reverse Gum Disease Program Without Surgery

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image of the doctor Raymond Hatland

Raymond Hatland, DDS

Raymond Hatland

Raymond Hatland, DDS

Dr. Hatland strives to provide quality one-on-one time with each of his patients. He is dedicated to treating patients with comprehensive, holistic dentistry to optimize and improve overall health and quality of life.

Our team also seeks to provide gentle, professional care, listening to all of our patients’ concerns and expectations. We strive to always give complete explanations and answers to questions because we believe in educating our patients. We help them understand their oral health and treatment options so they can make informed decisions.

Dr. Hatland also appreciates the challenge of complicated cases, as well as treating patients who have not found successful treatment elsewhere. He has a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives.

In addition, he has found that caring about his patients, and not just their procedures, is the best approach to developing trusting relationships. For example, instead of only providing expensive treatments for periodontal disease, Dr. Hatland teaches patients how to properly clean their teeth and gums at home. As his patient, you will become part of your own treatment plan. This approach yields optimal results with minimal financial expense — a combination for a great dentist-patient relationship.

Holistic, Biological, and Natural Dentistry

Our mission at Raymond G. Hatland, DDS is to revolutionize the dental industry by prioritizing the well-being of our patients through a holistic approach. We are committed to delivering exceptional dental care that not only focuses on oral health but also considers the impact it has on overall bodily wellness. Dr. Raymond Hatland believes in treating not just the symptoms but also addressing the root cause of any problem to alleviate pain associated with various oral health issues.

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Learn More About Holistic Dentistry

At Dr. Raymond G. Hatland, D.D.S., we offer holistic dental care that goes beyond traditional dentistry to address the overall well-being of our patients. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between oral health and the body, we utilizes natural treatments and non-toxic materials to provide comprehensive dental services that prioritize both physical and emotional well-being, ensuring a truly integrated approach to oral healthcare.

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What our patients are saying...

"In Praise of Dr. Hatland: Awesome dentist! Takes time to listen. Attentive. Shows authentic concern. I first visited his office in August 2016. After nearly 60 years with migraines and visits to all kinds of doctors and dentists, I was amazed by the improvements within a month to my overall health! I first wrote a letter praising his work in August 2017 exactly one year later. Now, in June 2024, I confirm that those improvements have continued. My first dentist back in 1982 created an appliance that worked with my TMJ and bruxism. She also taught me about fried food tightening muscles and intensifying migraines. I kept refining my diet and cutting out any foods that were made with oils, fats, butter, etc. The migraines and that diet definitely limited my social life. It was a improvement, but I still got weekly 26-hour killer migraines. In 1993, my personal physician introduced me to Imitrex and sumatriptan. If I continued my drastic diet (most foods use oils, butter, fat, etc.) these meds would kill the headaches. If I ate one of those foods, even the medicines would not lessen the headache. Non-dietary factors like allergies, weather-changes, sun-exposure, certain aromas, also contributed to headaches. When that dentist retired, I googled the method she had used, called “applied kinesiology,” and found Dr. Hatland. Over the years I spent lots of money seeing other doctors and dentists and paying for many night-guards with no other significant improvements. So, I was AWED by the fact that after one month with Dr. Hatland's and the night-guard appliance he made for me, I noticed that I was able to eat foods I hadn't eaten in 35 years, like deep-dish pizza, pecan pie, cookies, processed foods, candy, etc. These past years I’ve continued experimenting and sampling new foods and found that even if I did get a migraine, my medicine always conquered it! So, I can now say after eight years that Dr. Hatland is one of the three medical professionals to bring significant improvement to the quality of my life through his practice... and of the three, he is the best because of the drastic improvement in the quality of life! When people socialize, there is food... and now I can eat and not get an un-killable migraine. Rick Deruntz"

"Wonderful and gentle man. Explained everything he was doing. My best experience with a dentist. No pain at all. Highly recommend this dentist."

"Dr Hatland gave me a beautiful smile."

"Great dental team! Very caring"

"Great service"


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