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Reversing Gum Disease

K. McDonald
Dr. Hatland explains and has helped me through the year to keep my teeth. He is a caring and wonderful person!

T. Brennan
Dr. Hatland does it all – periodontics, root canal, caps, cleaning, cavities. He is holistic (aware of energy and how dental conditions effects the body). He is the first one to adjust my bite. He is very through in his evaluation.

D. Miller
In 2003, my previous periodontist wanted me to get gum surgery on my lower right molars since I had 10 mm deep pockets that he said could not be cured by any other way. But my wife referred me to Dr. Hatland, and he said that it could be cured without painful surgery.

After 4 months of Dr. Hatland’s treatment and training program, my pockets went down from 10 mm to 5-6 mm. And now 6 years later, I have no gum disease and the 5-6 mm pockets are now down to 2-3 mm without surgery EVER!

John B.
I enrolled in Dr. Hatland’s periodontal program approximately 5 months ago and am so glad I did! I saw an incredible pocket reduction on my eye tooth from 11mm to 2mm within these 5 months! What where 5mm, 6mm & 7mm’s are now 1mm & 2mm’s!

Pryor to going to Dr. Hatland, my old periodontist gave me a grim prognosis and told me that I would probably end up losing this tooth. I strongly urge anyone plagued with periodontal issues to give Dr. Hatland a try. You really owe it to yourself. You won’t be sorry. Dr. Raymond Hatland’s holistic approach to dentistry has been music to my soul. I am grateful to Dr. Hatland and his warm and professional staff for helping me reverse this condition.

E. Olsen – Chicago
I met Dr. Hatland in 2002 and I was in a lot of fear that I would be losing 3 or 4 teeth due to gum disease. I had just gone through a painful series of visits with a few very good dentists (one, my cousin in fact) and was told surgery and losing my loose teeth was my only option. After discovering Dr. Hatland and and his very open mind to trying new procedures we learned together how to reduce the pocket size and save my teeth, and I had pockets that were 13 mm deep!