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Unexpected Side Effects of TMJ Disorder

If you are familiar with TMJ disorder, you may be aware that the most commonly reported symptom is pain and soreness of the jaw. However, what you may not know is that the disorder has side effects, many of which can affect your everyday life. Dr. Raymond Hatland, a trusted Chicago and Indianapolis dentist, has treated many patients with TMJ disorder who report various combinations of side effects. Here, he discusses a few of the lesser known effects.

FAQs About Dental Implants

FAQs About Dental Implants

If you need to replace one or several missing teeth, you have several options to choose from, including dental implants. A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone and a replacement tooth that sits on top of the gum line. Many dentists consider dental implants the most long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Reasons to Consider Switching to a Holistic Dentist

Reasons to consider a holistic dentist

Selecting your dentist is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your health. Growing scientific evidence shows that oral health is linked to overall health, as dental issues including gum disease can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and even certain types of cancer. The connection between oral health and total health is at the center of holistic dentistry. While most general dentists focus on dental health alone, holistic dentists like Dr. Raymond Hatland Continue reading →

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges: Pros and Cons of Each

dental implants vs. dental bridges

Replacing a missing tooth offers a number of benefits. A full set of teeth makes biting, chewing and speaking easier. Replacing a missing tooth also prevents the surrounding teeth from shifting to fill the space and minimizes the risk of dental decay, infections and other issues. Finally, the self-confidence that a full and complete smile provides is undeniable. If you are missing a single tooth or several teeth, you have options, including dental implants and bridges. Here, holistic dentist Dr. Continue reading →

Five Health Problems Linked to Gum Disease

Health problems linked to gum disease

Approximately half of all Americans age 30 and older have some form of gum disease. A growing body of research shows that these individuals have a higher risk of certain systemic diseases. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Raymond Hatland takes the connection between mouth and body seriously, and helps patients boost their quality of life through good oral health. Here, he discusses five health conditions linked to gum disease.  

Signs You Could Benefit from Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Raymond Hatland believes every patient should have a beautiful smile that projects health, wellness and youth. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, porcelain veneers could be a good option for you. Read on as Dr. Hatland reveals some signs that indicate you could benefit from veneers.

When Does a Root Canal Become Necessary?

Root canal therapy is performed when the dental pulp, or the soft tissue inside the tooth, becomes infected or inflamed. This can occur due to a deep cavity, a cracked or otherwise damaged tooth, or repeated dental work on the tooth. Leaving an infected tooth untreated can have serious consequences; the infection can become so severe that it damages the bone supporting the teeth, or requires the affected tooth to be extracted.

Removing and Replacing Amalgam Fillings

Removing amalgam fillings

It used to be that the only material used for dental fillings was amalgam (metal). But today, patients have a better option in tooth-colored fillings. Made of composite resin, tooth-colored fillings are designed to match the color of natural tooth enamel. Not only are these fillings more aesthetically pleasing, they are also longer-lasting and considered to be “biologically friendly.” (Many patients and dentists have raised concerns about the risk of mercury exposure from amalgam fillings as well as the adverse Continue reading →

FAQs about Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a very exciting area of dentistry. However, many patients are not familiar with the principles of holistic dentistry, nor do they understand how it differs from traditional dentistry. To help set the record straight, Dr. Raymond Hatland, a leading Chicago and Indianapolis holistic dentist, answers frequently asked questions about his specialty here.

Fastbraces® vs. Traditional Braces

On the surface, the Fastbraces® system doesn’t appear to be too different from traditional braces. But as Dr. Raymond Hatland’s patients already know, Fastbraces® technology offers many advantages over to traditional braces — most importantly, accelerated results and shorter overall treatment times. Read on as Dr. Hatland compares the two options and highlights some of the incredible benefits of Fastbraces®.

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