For decades, Dr. Raymond G. Hatland has served families in the Chicago/Lincolnwood and Indianapolis areas with gentle, holistic dental care. He uses modern, conservative procedures, and focuses on securing oral balance for complete dental harmony and overall health. With a focus on you, he can make dental visits more comfortable and rewarding than you ever imagined possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hatland, contact our dental practice in Lincolnwood, IL or Indianapolis, IN today.

About the Office

Our Lincolnwood dental office is located on a beautiful and ide section of Lincoln Avenue one block north of Devon. We are on the ground floor mall, and our office is wheelchair accessible. You will also find parking that is close, convenient and free for patients. When you enter our practice, you will receive a warm welcome and can feel at ease in our inviting atmosphere. A large bay window allows light into the whole office. Additionally, every treatment room features a television for your convenience. Our Indianapolis location offers many of the same amenities, as well as our caring and compassionate staff.

About Our Unique Approach

Dr. Hatland strives to provide quality one-on-one time with each of his patients. He is dedicated to treating patients with comprehensive, holistic approach to dentistry that will take care of your specific dental problems and to optimize and improve overall health and quality of life. Our team also seeks to provide gentle, professional care, and to listen to all of our patients’ concerns and expectations. We strive to always give complete explanations and answers to questions. We believe in educating all of our patients, and helping them understand their oral health and treatment options, so they can make informed decisions.

Dr. Hatland also appreciates the challenge of complicated cases, as well as treating patients who have not found successful treatment elsewhere. He has a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives. In addition, he has found that caring about his patients, and not just their procedures, is the best approach to achieve trusting relationships. For example, instead of only providing expensive treatments for periodontal disease, Dr. Hatland teaches patients how to properly clean their teeth and gums at home. As his patient, you will become part of your own treatment plan. This approach yields optimal results, with minimal financial expense – a combination for a great dentist-patient relationship.

About the Staff

We are a caring, compassionate team who always put our patients’ best interests first. Our staff members have supported Dr. Hatland, and served our patients for years. We are sincere and friendly – as well as highly trained, and eager to share our knowledge. You will always receive personalized care from the entire team. We know how to complete our jobs with professionalism and integrity, yet we appreciate friendliness and fun interaction with our patients.

Our aim is to build lasting relationships based on trust and respect. We will work with you to develop treatment plans that fit your unique goals and needs, as well as your budget. We care more about your family’s oral health than our own financial success. To find out what our current and previous patients have to say, read some of our testimonials.


We Want to Meet You

If you want a caring, compassionate dental team that believes in holistic, conservative treatments, we want to meet you. Contact our Chicago or Indianapolis offices today to schedule an appointment and join our dental family.

Raymond G. Hatland, DDS

After graduating from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry in the top 15% of my class, I went into a rotating internship at Ireland Army Hospital in Fort Knox, KY for one year. Here I rotated through all the specialties (such as periodontics, oral surgery, fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontics and orthodontics) – learning from some of the top solution-oriented specialists in the country. During that year, I became the “TMJ dentist” of Fort Knox where I treated 45 patients. I wrote a thesis on the contributing causes of symptoms that make up the TMJ disorder/syndrome. Back then the understanding of the influence of the stress system and how its hormones changed the body chemistry profoundly was in its infancy.

To this day, this has formed a foundational understanding of how to treat patients with TMJ or compression disorders though my way of treating has been greatly improved in effectiveness and simplicity. This one-year internship prepared me for my next three years in the army where as the sole dentist at 7th Field Hospital in Tokyo Japan I performed any needed specialty procedures. I finished my final year of Army service as the sole Army dentist in Chicag IL at the U.S. Coast Guard Facility. My professional experience in the Army is where I got really excited about all the phases of dentistry. My skills were developed along with my understanding of patient needs. This allowed me to create integrated treatments because I understood specialized dentistry and what could be done. My practice is full-service, holistic and quality oriented so I can help most patients with complex dental or health related problems without having to refer them to specialists. This saves money and time for my patients.

After leaving the Army, I opened my practice in Indianapolis, IN and continued my professional development through taking many courses in implants and traditional orthodontics with Dr. Dick Donovan, DDS, who was one of only two PhD orthodontists at that time. Eventually I got into more body friendly, functional orthodontics that was non-extraction work, which took advantage of the growth and development of the arches. Pioneers in this work were Dr. Witzig and Dr. Truit among others.


I have an open mind and can easily think outside the box. I have a life-long fascination in understanding what creates illnesses in the body as well as how people can heal and stay well. Also, because of the many profound and life changing experiences I have had over the past decades from pursuing spiritual truths and practicing meditation and yoga, I naturally started studying many alternative and holistic techniques that are more biologically friendly and life energy enhancing. A big breakthrough came with learning about Dental Kinesiology. Through the many courses I took with Drs. George Eversual and Dr.Versendal’s among many others, I learned how to access the body’s intelligence. This has been a tremendous aid in doing treatments safely that the body can accept and use to improve and get well.

The energy work I use has come from several renowned holistic doctors over the many years. Important doctors in this area who have taught me are G. Eversaul PhD, R. Versendal DC, K. Yuen DC, Harold Smith DDS, J. Tennant MD, and W. Schmitt DC. They have all enhanced my ability to do energy work to help me with my patients – especially with my TMJ patients.

With my passion for learning about new innovations and insights, I have easily taken over 5,000 hours of professional education in traditional dental and holistic courses over the years, and I am an active member of the Holistic Dental Association (HDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Below gives a snapshot of my primary dental and holistic practices:

  • Periodontics: Over the last 12 years, I’ve independently developed a unique and remarkably effective Reverse Gum Disease Program that can wipe out gum disease infections and 5-13mm diseased gum pockets shrink 2-7mm without surgery. This unique program has saved many previously hopelessly diseased mouths and also given a practical way for my patients to keep their teeth and/or implants and to maintain optimal health in the gums.
  • Compression disorders (i.e. TMJ disorders, clenching and nighttime grinding, headache disorders):My treatment of patients with painful and debilitating compression disorders has been highly successful. Patients who clench and grind their teeth are overly sensitive to bite discrepancies ( big or little). Patients have developed an unconscious stress-system habit of grinding and clenching to “fix” their bite, which of course only makes things worse. The more there are unresolved stress issues the more the patient will use these habits. Remember it is the stress systems’ job to deal with anything in the body it interprets as wrong or threatening. The intra-oral appliance I use gives my patients a “perfect” bite – from the body’s point of view – and magically begins to turn off the stress systems’ desire to clench and grind within hours or days. As the muscles relax the “perfect” bite changes and needs to be perfected again at subsequent visits until all of the muscles are non-tender and relaxed. The appliance is comfortable and easy to wear allowing the muscles to relax naturally. Pain and tension in the mouth starts melting away and patients get more rest out of their sleep. The energy work I do along with the appliance reduces the energy supporting the negative habits and shortens the treatment time by months. Because the occlusion (bite) is always off from its ideal, with my way of relaxing the muscles we can easily discover what the patient’s ideal bite needs to be. Previously treated patients find this approach very gentle and easy on them compared to TMJ treatments offered by other dentists. The success rate of this way of treating patience with compressive disorders is extremely successful and far less expensive the 95% of the other programs.
  • Mini-implants:In my current practice, I also put in mini-and mono implants, which are approximately half as expensive as fuller-size implants with almost no surgical trauma. They are very effective with no or very short (2 to 4 weeks)wait time for full use in the mouth.
  • Zirconium implants:These have no metal and have the advantage of being the highest biologically friendly material available.
  • Orthodontics:In the last three years, I have been using Dr. Anthony Viazis‘ ingenious Fast-Braces® orthodontic system that cuts down most traditional treatment time to as little as 120 days or around a year for more complicated cases.
  • Fillings:I only use the more biologically friendly composite materials that contain no mercury or silver. For patients who are very allergic will test each dental material in my office and/or have Clifford Lab do the testing for compatibility.
  • Endodontics:When necessary and appropriate, I use sealer called bioroot that has calcium oxide and zinc oxide for its active ingredients. The Endocal expands toward the fine tubules of the root sealing the canal. Thorough cleansing and sterilizing of the root canals is performed using NaOCl and EDTA.
  • Fixed prosthetics:Porcelain fused to noble metal or metal free zirconium crowns and bridges are offered.


  • American Dental Association
  • Indiana Dental Association
  • Chicago Dental Society
  • Indianapolis District Dental Society
  • Holistic Dental Association


  • Dentist of the Year, Consumer Business Review: 2003-2005
  • Strathmore’s Who’s Who Professional of the Year – 2012
  • American’s Top Dentists
  • American Outstanding Professional – Lifetime Member


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