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Can You Reverse Periodontal Disease?

Reversing Gum DiseaseA question I often receive from periodontal patients is, “can you reverse gum disease?”

Not only can you reverse gum disease, but it is now possible and routine at my Chicago and Indianapolis dental offices to reverse periodontal disease without surgery. The Reverse Gum Disease Program is a unique, patient-friendly training program that continues to be extremely popular with my patients. The program enables patients to eliminate gum disease and teaches them to maintain disease-free periodontal structures.

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Treating Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Chicago, Periodontal Care IndianapolisMy unique Reverse Gum Disease Program has made it possible for my periodontal patients to reverse their early to advanced gum disease without surgery. My patients continue to amaze me with what they achieve in this program. Teeth that would normally have been extracted have become healthy and stable. A major symptom of gum disease is enlarged periodontal pockets. With my treatment, gum pockets 5 mm to 13 mm deep have shrunk 2 mm to 8 mm without surgery, antibiotics, or medicated inserts. I know of no other periodontal program that has been able to attain these kinds of results.

I have over 240 periodontal patients who have attained my Periodontal Honor Roll i.e. they have been able to reduce their pocket depths by at least 20% and also have at least a 2 mm reduction in pocket depth in [95%+] of their diseased pockets. The important thing is when you reverse gum pocket depths, you have eradicated gum disease activity in these pockets. Even those patients who haven’t made my Periodontal Honor Roll are achieving better results than most patients in ordinary professional perio programs.

8 Facts You Should Know About Gum Disease:

  1. It is the main reason people lose their teeth after age 30.
  2. It is the main cause of bad breath and bleeding gums.
  3. Most patients find out they have gum disease years or decades after it has already started.
  4. A symptom-free and clean mouth may still have many areas of active gum disease.
  5. Most gum disease symptoms are minor nuisances and are usually painless.
  6. 60% of the plaque found in blood vessels comes from diseased periodontal pockets.
  7. Research has shown that elderly patients with active gum disease have a 40% greater chance of suffering a heart attack.
  8. Most dentists do NOT check gum pockets with a perio-probe unless asked.

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