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What is Holistic Dentistry?

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Holistic Dentistry is an approach to dental care that is based around the use of natural, non-toxic materials for dental work and tooth restoration. Holistic dentistry is known by a number of names including biological dentistry, natural dentistry, alternative dentistry, and mercury-free dentistry. The holistic approach focuses on the entire body and how proper oral health can benefit the patient as a whole. Dr. Raymond Hatland is a holistic dentist that serves the Chicago and Indianapolis areas. Dr. Hatland provides patients with high-quality biological dental care that is emotionally harmonious and life-energy enhancing.

The Chicago and Indianapolis Holistic Dentistry offices are happy to provide the best care to every patient that they treat. Learn more about Dr. Hatland’s techniques by scheduling an appointment today.

“Dr.Raymond Hatland’s holistic approach to dentistry has been music to my soul. I am grateful to Dr. Hatland and his warm and professional staff for helping me reverse gum disease.” – John B.

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Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

While biological dentists and traditional dentists use many of the same core techniques, the major differences between the two types of dental professionals lies in the approach that they take to treating patients. Holistic dentists tend to seek additional training to gain knowledge of biologically compatible techniques. Holistic dentists also place a greater importance on the materials and substances that they use. Biological dentists believe that oral health has a significant effect on the health of the entire body, therefore they only use materials that meet or exceed a number of safety guidelines. This includes using mercury-free products, avoiding the use of fluoride or fluoridated water, and sterilizing root canals through alternative methods.

Our Focus is on Holistic Dentistry

Every effort is used to ensure the highest quality dentistry possible. All laboratory work is meticulously inspected and refined where necessary so that the margins, contacts, shade, and bite relationships are ideal. It’s not just what is seen or felt by my patient, but also what can’t be seen that is critically important for high-quality and successful prosthetic dentistry. Any crown that I give to a patient, I would be delighted to have in my own mouth if needed.

There are also many holistic ways to reduce, limit, or even eliminate these destructive habits and dramatically increase the sense of comfort and well being in your body.

I do not use any known toxic materials. Porcelain fused to a metal crown can be as high as 99.7% pure gold, as well as metal free porcelain or diamond crystal composite crowns and onlays are available. I energetically test for compatibility issues on all restorative and prosthetic materials. We use no mercury amalgams in our restorations.  All restorative work is MERCURY-FREE.  I treat the removal of mercury of restorations as removing a hazardous material.  I protect the patient’s eyes and airway from direct exposure to any vapors and particles.  I also use copious amounts of water and high volume suction at the preparation site.

“I personally do this in the gentlest and kindest way possible with a little humor and friendliness. I use many alternative techniques to help my patients be in a non-stressed and calm state of mind. My personal approach to holistic dentistry benefits patients’ health on many levels.” – Raymond Hatland DDS

Our body and life energy can be affected by the materials that are put in or on our teeth and also how our upper and lower jaws relate to each other. Compression habits, such as bruxing, grinding or clenching will not only cause headaches and tensions in the jaw muscles and temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), but also in our neck and back. These habits depress the flow of vital energy (chi) down the spine and thusly to the internal organs. These habits can dramatically increase or aggravate any back or neck tension and pain including chronic degeneration in the discs. All patients that come to me will be checked for these problems.

Holistic Dentist ChicagoThere are also many holistic ways to reduce, limit, or even eliminate these destructive habits and dramatically increase the sense of comfort and well being in your body.

Natural Dentistry Services:

  • Complete Family Dentistry
  • Non-Mercury Fillings
  • Biologically Friendly Materials
  • Stress Reduction and Nitrous Oxide Available
  • Trained In Holistic and Alternative Techniques to reduce and/or eliminate internal stress and anxiety
  • Reversing Gum Disease Program
  • Treatment of TMJ and Compression Disorders

Enjoy Personalized, Holistic Care

If you and your family would like to learn more about our procedures and experience our gentle and individualized patient care, contact Dr. Hatland, a leading holistic dentist in Chicago and Indianapolis, to schedule an appointment.