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As a holistic dentist, Dr. Hatland believes in non-surgical periodontal treatment. He can reverse gum disease without surgery, even in advanced cases of periodontitis. He has developed a unique and remarkably effective periodontal program that can wipe out gum disease infections and make 5-13mm diseased gum pockets shrink 2-8mm without surgery.  This unique program has saved many previously hopelessly diseased teeth and also given patients a practical way for patients to keep their teeth and/or implants optimally healthy. Dr. Hatland will professionally clean your teeth below the gum line, and train you how to effectively clean your own teeth and gum pockets at home using a special tool that he provides.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can often effectively treat a tooth that has become damaged by decay and infection. Along with standard sterilizing agents and laser techniques, Dr. Hatland uses Biocalex to disinfect and seal a tooth, during a root canal. This substance, also called Endocal, made of calcium oxide and zinc oxide, being moisture loving, it penetrates into the tiny tubules in the root of the tooth’s, effectively killing bacteria, dissolving organic matter, and promoting prompt healing. If you suffer with an acute toothache or have been informed that you need a root canal, visit us for a comprehensive evaluation and consultation.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

If you grind your teeth, regularly experience temporal headaches, or your jaws and upper shoulders are often sore, you may suffer from a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This condition occurs when your stress levels rise and you cannot tolerate minor imbalances in your occlusion (bite relationship). Besides injuring the teeth and TMJ, this habit can lower the life energy to internal organs and prevent healing or fully recovering from accidental injuries. After a complete evaluation of your dental and medical status, Dr. Hatland gives the you a “perfect bite” from the body’s point of view using a precisely fitted night appliance that turns off the clenching and grinding. Along with other alternative therapies all of your jaw muscles relax and your true natural bite can be determined and equilibrated safely. I have helped hundreds of patients in both my Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN practices to stop having headaches and grinding their teeth night and/or day.

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Our goal is to help patients keep their own teeth as much as possible. However, in some cases, extraction can become necessary. Extractions are performed to reduce crowding, remove wisdom teeth, prepare for dentures, remove damaged teeth when root canal treatment fails, or when infection is too advanced for root canal treatment to be effective. Dr. Hatland will explain the entire procedure, and make sure that you are comfortable during your visit. He uses special tools and techniques to pre-loosen the damaged tooth so that it can be extracted gently, easily, and usually without the need of exposing bone.

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Sleep Apnea

If you feel tired after a full night’s rest, or if you wake up choking or gasping in the middle of the night, you might suffer from sleep apnea. Many people have a difficult time sleeping with a C-pat machine, as shown. Dr. Hatland uses the custom-fabricated Micr02™ device to treat obstructive sleep apnea. This innovative appliance is easily adjustable, comfortable, and does not constrict the tongue. The Micr02™ can open the throat and airways, allowing you to sleep peacefully without a noisy machine, and get deeper rest for alert, high-quality days.

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Preventive Dentistry

To maintain optimal oral health, you must maintain a diligent  dental care regimen. On top of proper home care, it is highly recommended that you  visit our office every six months for checkups and cleanings. We provide gentle, regular dental cleanings, as well as deep cleanings to prevent and treat gum disease. We regularly monitor the pocket depths on our periodontal patients and review home care technique. Our preventive care also includes dental sealants to protect teeth from bacteria and decay.

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Oral Cancer Screening

While tobacco use and other habits can increase the risk of oral cancer, anyone can develop the disease. Oral cancer is diagnosed in approximately 130 Americans every day, and nearly 10,000 individuals die from the disease every year. However, survival rates increase significantly when the condition is found and treated early. Dr. Hatland screens every patient for oral cancer at checkups. The simple screening takes mere minutes, but could save your life.

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