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Dental Bonding Chicago & Indianapolis

While many people assume that cosmetic dentistry requires invasive procedures, that is certainly not true of dental bonding. Dr. Raymond G. Hatland uses dental bonding to address aesthetic imperfections on healthy teeth, all without having to make significant alterations to the teeth or subjecting his patients to discomfort.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is useful in a variety of situations, cosmetic and otherwise. Dr. Hatland uses bonding to:
Dental bonding in Chicago & Indianapolis

  • Fix a cracked or chipped tooth
  • Fill cavities
  • Extend the length of short teeth or a tooth that is shorter than others in the mouth
  • Decrease the size of gaps between your teeth
  • Alter the shade of discolored teeth
  • Protect the roots of teeth exposed from receding gums

While there are many techniques for filling cavities, many patients believe dental bonding to be the best-looking option available. If you need a cavity filled, ask Dr. Hatland whether dental bonding is a viable fix for your tooth specifically.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

When performing dental bonding, Dr. Hatland uses a strong plastic material called resin. Starting in putty form, the resin is then sculpted over the parts of the tooth or teeth you want treated. Dr. Hatland will shine an ultraviolet light on the resin to quickly harden it and ensure that it remains in place.

After the bonding is secure, Dr. Hatland will polish the resin to smooth out the texture. The precise shade of the resin will match your other teeth so that it is inconspicuous in your mouth.

Dr. Hatland can typically complete this treatment in under an hour for each tooth. Most importantly, he does not even need to numb your mouth to perform dental bonding, as the procedure is pain-free.

What You Can Expect from Dental Bonding

Dental bonding in Chicago & IndianapolisMost patients find dental bonding appealing because it is less expensive and less invasive than other cosmetic procedures. The trade-off for those perks is that the results from dental bonding do not last as long as other procedures. With proper care, resin can remain on your teeth for about five to ten years.

Dr. Hatland recommends that patients avoid chewing on fingernails, pens and ice, as these hard objects can cause bonding to crack or break. Since broken resin can create rough edges in your mouth, you should schedule an appointment to repair the bonding if this problem arises.

Patients should also be aware that the resin used in dental bonding is more susceptible to stains than real teeth. Foods and beverages like red wine, coffee, cola and berries can change the color of bonding, and not in proportion to the rest of your teeth. Unfortunately, teeth whitening procedures will not improve the color of your dental bonding.

Choose Dr. Hatland for Dental Bonding

Dr. Hatland has improved the look of countless patients’ smiles with his artful approach to dental bonding. If you want to make some of your tooth imperfections go away with a remarkably easy treatment, dental bonding may be the right choice for you. To discuss dental bonding or other cosmetic dentistry options with Dr. Hatland, call his Chicago office at (773) 338-4440 or his Indianapolis office at (317) 257-0794.